Beef carpaccio with parmesan and basil pesto                                       5,00

Chicken liver cooked on Port wine, toast                                                4,00

Duck pate with apple chutney, toast                                                        3,10


Hen broth with meat, vegetables and home-made noodles                   1,90
Typical cabbage soup „Kyselice“ with mushrooms and dried plums     2,30

Pumpkin cream with bacon chips and croutons                                     2,70


Caesar salad with roasted chicken, bacon and parmesan,                  6,50
Grilled salmon pieces on lettuce and vegetables, baguette                7,50
Vegetable salad with balkan cheese and olives, baguette                   5,80 

Vegetable salad with  grilled Camembert, baguette                           6,50

      Fish and seafood

Trout grilled on herbs with butter-lemon sauce                                 7,90
Grilled salmon fillet with herbs                                                          10,40

Salmon fillet with cream spinach and grilled tomatoes                     11,60
Grilled shrimps Gambero rosso with spring rolls and sweet             8,10

   chilli sauce  on lettuce, baguette                                                          


Pasta and Risotto


Tagliatelle with chicken meat and cream spinach                            6,20
Tagliatelle with basil pesto and chicken fillets cooked on herbs      6,20
Parmesan tagliatelle peperoni, grilled duck breast, "Teriyaki"          7,50

Mushroom risotto with chicken and parmesan cheese                     6,20

Parmesan risotto with olives and dried tomatoes                             6,20

Pork tenderloin fillets served on Parmesan risotto                           7,50

Pumpkin risotto with spicy chicken fillet and parmesan cheese       7,50


 rilled duck breast with cranberry sauce and potato                      € 7,50 G

                cream cake, gratinated with parmesan cheese
  Duck grilled breast with onion, wine,                                               € 7,50

                home potato gnocchi

 Grilled duck 'Teriyaki' 'cream mashed potatoes                               € 7,50

 Chicken Cordon bleu „Žabčice“ filled with ham, smoked cheese    € 7,50

               and spicy salami

 Turkey natural pocket stuffed with spinach parmesan,                    € 7,50

               American spicy potatoes                                   

 Turkey medallions gratinated with mozzarella and tomatoes,         € 7,50                                          Filiprated pork tenderloin served with beet salad                             € 7,50                                      

 Pork chop roll filled with blue cheese and sausage,                        € 7,50

               roasted potatoes     

 Grilled pork chop (300g) with mustard-honey sauce and                 € 8,10

              American spicy potatoes

 Steak from pork chops served on pea puree                                    € 7,50                                                  Homemade beef cheese burger in butter bun with sweet               € 7,70         

 Burger of chopped pork with BBQ sauce,                                        € 7,70         

              vegetables, butter bun, potato chips

 Beef sirloin medallions with berry sauce, grilled champignons        € 8,30                                                       

      and fried potato balls       

 Beef tartar of the sirloin with toasts  and garlic                               € 8,30   

     mashed potato purée                                                                                                           
eef cheeks on red wine with vegetables and                                € 8,10B

onfit duck thigh with red cabbage, potato croquettes                   € 7,60    C
oast sirloin in sour cream sauce, bread dumplings                      € 7,60R

arinated roast pork ribs BBQ (500g)                                            € 8,30          M

 mustard, horseradish, cucumber, bread



Fried chicken schnitzel                                                                5,20

Fried pork chop schnitzel                                                             5,20

Fried pork neck schnitztel                                                            5,20

Fried turkey schnitzel                                                                   5,60

Plate full of schnitzels, mustard, ketchup, bread                          9,40      


Chicken breast steak cooked on herbs                                       5,40
Pork tenderloin steak                                                                   6,90

Turkey steak cooked on herbs                                                     6,00

Beef tenderloin steak                                                                    9,40



  Pepper sauce                                                                             1,70
 Mushroom sauce                                                                         1,70
 Cheese sauce                                                                              1,90

Tartar sauce                                                                                 1,00

                  Side dishes

Boiled potatoes with butter                                                            1,50
Mashed potatoes with butter                                                         1,90
Chipped potatoes with parsley                                                      1,50
Chipped potatoes with bacon and onion                                       1,60
Spicy American potatoes with garlic                                              1,90

Roasted potatoes with rosemary                                                   1,60
Potato fries                                                                                    1,50
Grilled vegetables with garlic                                                        1,90
Roasted string beans with bacon                                                 1,90
Side dish salad from red beet                                                       1,90

Herbal baguette with parmesan cheese                                       1,50  


Home-made chocolate mousse with forest fruit sauce                3,10

Pancakes with forest fruit and sour cream                                   3,10
Hot raspberries with ice-cream and whipped cream                    3,10

Ice cream sundae with fruit and whipped cream                         3,10

Ice bucket - by offer                                                                     1,00

               The Hotel Žabčice crew  would like to wish you all the bes