Photos from events

The 7th wave of the sea of TSUNAMI in cooperation with OCEAN 48 at the Cow Mountain in Brno

Again very successful and very successful culinary whole weekend of the event with OCEAN48, which took place on Cow mountain in Brno.

This time we were preparing grilled squid stuffed stuffing of ricotta and spinach with parmesan cheese and garlic steak + sailfish on Roman salad with zucchini and marinated pineapple with chilli and coriander.

Asparagus menu

Easter menu

Fish and seafood

50th birthday celebration

Venison menu

Soccer camps FC Sparták Velká Bíteš 

Valentine's day 2017

Wedding in the restaurant

St. Lawrence feast

Le Tour de Mikulov with Dad Čepera


Do you ask, how should good cycling trip look like?
Come to us, you maybe encounter this group, which just refreshed at our place.

Man came to the bar counter and asks, "Can I order?" 
Waiter: "Yes, of course" 
"Just give me 50 beers and then again around" 

The annual bike ride called - Le Tour de Mikulov with Dad Čepera, 
Brno-Mikulov-Brno, already 45th.

Banquets, hot and cold buffets

Festive board

Celebrating 90th Birthday

New Year's Eve

Valentine ´s Day



Summer barbecue- fish and sea food

"Tuna on ice"

Open gastronomic event in Brno


another great event in cooperation with OCEAN48

Valentine's Day 2016


Every year, the second weekend of August in Žabčice we celebrate the feast of St. Laurent. This year we were preparing burgers on the grill.