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Martin Šebesta

"Wine is not done in the basement, but the vineyard"

Martin Šebesta Winery was founded in 2002 as a family business is characterized by personal and rigorous approach to the vineyards, wine and customers.




2013, cabinet, dry                                                                                               0,75l               €  13,80

Typical and irreplaceable variety of Mikulov region. The aroma of green apple,  sweet lemon, the taste with refreshing acidity.


2014, late harvest, medium-dry/2015 late harvest, dry                      0,75l            €  13,80   

2015, first-quality, medium-dry                                                                       0,75l            €  13,80

Black currant, elderberry flower and nettle can offer you this beautiful delicate Sauvignon.


2015, late harvest, medium-dry                                                                       0,75l             €  13,80

Wine with a hint of honey tones and bread. On the palate with lively acidity.


2013/2015, selection of grapes
, semisweet                                                 0,75l             €  15,00 

The traditional type of wine in our range. Wine from well-ripened grapes from the southern slope of Orechová mountain, which are the basis for the typical honey-raisin aroma.


2014, late harvest
, semisweet                                                                           0,75l              €  17,50

2015, late harvest, sweet                                                                                      0,75l              €  17,50

Wine with a strong aromatic traminer character. With notes of rose and vanilla. The taste is spicy, full-bodied with a long mouthfeel.

Rulandské modré

2015, late harvest, dry                                                                                              0,75l             € 16,50

Wine from our sunniest and most precious vineyard, Orechova Mountain, matured in barrique barrels.

Taste the plum with coffee-like woody tones.